Meir Geoff & Joy

Extensive Outdoor Landscaping and Construction Project
Complete overhaul of garage, driveway, garden and walls.

The Challenge

This project included a complete overhaul of the front and side garden, the creation of a new driveway, the demolition and rebuild of a garage, the building of a new boundary wall as well as making the property more accessible and traditional by moving the main access point from the side of the house to the front.

The Solution

Originally the house could hardly be seen from the kerb due to trees, shubs and hedgerows, so we began by digging all of that out leaving just the hedgerow to the side. We then demolished the old garage built another complete with drainage, lighting and power to make it far more functional. The new garage is situated in the corner of the garden in line with the driveway.

We then excavated approximately 100 tonne of spoil and laid a new driveway, patio and pathways using indian stone (Raj blend) on a MOT sub base. To provide better access to the property, we then moved the main access point from the rear to the front of the house. To increase the property’s kerb appeal, we built a new perimeter wall with blue brick on edge engineering brick and finished it with a steel gate. All lawned areas were laid on rich Cheshire topsoil.

From this one project, 9 further projects were booked. The main reason for this, was due to heavy footfall past the property each day as parents took children to school and witnessed our progress on the project from start to completion. daily.

Garage Rebuild

Tonne Excavation

Day Project

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