Trentham Mr & Mrs Hilton

Garage Construction Project
Respectfully recreating a Victorian style garage.

The Challenge

The challenge for this project was to create additional garden space by demolishing an existing garage and rebuilding it closer to the front of the house.

The Solution

We needed to demolish a crumbling Victorian garage and rebuild it in a style in-keeping with Victorian methods. This included a traditional pitched roof that created a vaulted ceiling inside. The body of the garage was built in block and brick with corner and central pillars for extra strength and was tiled with charcoal grey tiles. Wooden timbers overlap the wall plate to give a wider look to the roof, whilst providing extra protection to the walls. Wooden doors with glass panes and iron hinges on the outside gave the frontage a traditional look. Vaulted fascias were used to complete the roof. The outside was finished with hand thrown pebble dashing and completes the Victorian look. A door was fitted to the rear to provide easy access directly from the larger garden.

Man Team

Tonne Excavated

Day Project

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