Westlands Mrs Mullineux

Garden Landscaping and Construction Project
Creating maximum curb appeal and practical space.

The Challenge

Complete overhaul of property frontage including 210 metres of indian stone, fencing to both sides of the property, new access and egress, drop kerb, new drainage, raised planter in kota black block, new wall with pillars and blue engineering brick on edge finish and disability ramp access to property.

The Solution

To begin with, we excavated 200 sq mtrs to the front of the property, including the removal of trees, shrubs, hidden walls and a collapsed drain. This created approximately 160 tonne of spoil. We used 120 tonne of hardcore MOT road stone, 20 tonne of concrete sand, 1.5 tonne of bagged cement, 1.5 tonne of building sand, 1 tonne of sand and gravel, fencing, drainage and tarmac. The amount of materials alone gives you an insight to the size of this project!

Once the new drainage was installed, we then laid 210 meters of indian Stone (Fossil mint) driveway with a disabled ramp subtly integrated to the front entrance. A new red imperial brick wall was built to separate the access and egress driveway, along with a new tarmac path and a dropped kerb. This project was a complete success with many comments from local residents. It was a feather in our cap as the client was a family of builders who had previously owned a substantial building company.


Meters of Indian Stone

Day Project

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